Love Kukula

2327203866_1902622c5bIt was actually quite funny how I found her artwork. I was actually window shopping online when I found a vintage-style jewellery box with one of her paintings on it. It was so beautiful that it made me wonder whether the word ‘Kukula’ is the name of the brand or the artist. I googled it and found a heaven of beautiful yet haunting art.

Kukula herself is an Isreali. I suppose she would have witnessed the uglier side of the world, maybe that’s why you can find no smiles in any of her paintings, and even when you look at pictures of herself, she always smile with pursed lips, never a big laughter.

I recommended her artwork to one of my friends, he said something hilarious… “Kukula..? It doesn’t matter if you say the name, but if I say it, it’ll come out wrong…”, haha, bless you mate.

Ah, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to paint like that, cute and scary and every painting seems to tell a story of its own.

Love you Kukula ❤

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  1. Kukula is great!

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