Working for the rich

I didn’t know that free internet advertising would be that effective. Just 2 days after my free ad as a local music teacher came up on the net, the number of my students increased from 4 to 20… Now I’m so busy during after-school hours that I had to locate my internet profile and hide it from the public.

Some parents think that it is utterly amazing of me to travel to 20 students weekly by public transport, they always pull that =O face when I tell them that I don’t have a car, and would almost force me to let them drive me to the train station. I hate the fact that I can’t drive properly, and how people here always seem to take pity on the fact that I use the bus/train/my own legs to get to my destination. To the rich, public transport is unthinkable.

One of my clients own a pool and a designer garden, completed with a varandah for the water view dotted with private cruises and boats. Another one has a computerised numeric password lock at her front gate, and even just standing outside you can see the water from her fountain… yes, those high fountains which you see in posh parks. Just few days ago I was at another student’s house, their piano is an antique 1880s version with full brass frame (nowadays frames are made of wood >_>)….

I think I’m very fortunate to be able to see so many grand houses with all its glory inside. Everytime as I am surrounded by all these riches, I can’t help but seeing this girl who uses cheap make-up that she bought from a local supermarket, wearing a second-hand floral skirt which has a small hole in the waist, uses No. 11 bus everywhere she goes, somebody who doesn’t fit into all these royalties.

The poor will always work for the rich, the rich will get richer, and the poor will always struggle.

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