A Day in Pie’s Shoes

6.30am YELPOMGBBQ?!?!?!……… Roommate slammed the bathroom door again, always wake up in a fright when she does that.. Ok lets try getting back to sleep….

6.45am Hmm… Did I wash my work pants… I think I still have one pair left… What should I eat for lunch later… NO NO go back to sleep nub…!!!

8.30am Wait.. Wuh…? Omg give me 5 more minutes….

9.00am Oh shi.. oh shi… Omg am gonna be late. Which skirt did I decide to wear? No can’t wear that, will show flabby tummy. Maybe those pants, uggh, too tight… Don’t care, will stuff myself into them.

9.30am Argh argh, am eating breakfast as fast as a Japanese bullet train… Oh gawd.

9.45am Slams door behind me. ARGH FORGOT TO PUT ON ANY MAKEUP!!!

9.50am I pride myself on putting on makeup in 5 minutes… Must be some kinda record… Omg these new shoes are killing me. Better get to the station quick…

10.02am Why do Sydney trains always smell like urine and beer in the morning…

10.15am I think both my feet are bleeding… How come shoes can’t be comfortable and pretty >;<;;

10.30am Starts teaching.

12.00pm Woot lunch break. Head to Westfield for some yummy Taiwanese food… Hmm should I get the soup of the day? NO, tummy is spilling over waistband.. Need to start gym next week, yep, next week… Ugh, can’t eat pork rice either, will turn into human version of that… I’ll just get scrambled eggs and eggplant… And maybe mango flavoured ice-tea iced green tea.

1.00pm Wow that top is nice. Hmm can’t afford that… Maybe I’ll just touch it a bit and leave… Wah, niiiiiiice. Someday I’ll afford this, just you see, cocky sales girl… pfffft.

1.15pm Better start walking back to the music studio, these shoes are sawing off my feet therefore making me walking like I have prosthetics…. Hmm I swear that lady was looking at me like I’m a disabled person…

1.30pm Unscheduled interview omg why why why… No no, should be thankful I have new student, woot.

6.15pm Classes over. Voice almost gone, have to reduce to mice-squeaking-type of speech…

6.30pm Korean food. Will try to stay away from rice.. Maybe just one spoon… CONTROL YOURSELF, WOMAN!

7.00pm Of all things holy… Rain pouring like mad outside, wind blowing from all angles. Attempted brave walking in mad rain and deafening thunder in crazy rambo-style. Umbrella died in the attempt. R.I.P..

7.10pm Reached station. Painful killer shoes ruined in rain and mud.. $30… Ah maybe it’s for the best, I can hear my feet singing the Hallelujah chorus.

7.30pm Reached home. Washing machine broken so have to wash everything by hand… Take a shower while I’m at it…

8.00pm Shoe-less feet + sleepwear + Daily Mail + Facebook + YouTube + Hotmail + Ragnarok + MSN = Happy Pie. I’m very easily pleased.

12.ooam Mind wanders off again.. Hmm what movie should I watch later before going to bed.. What should I wear on my graduation.. should I go IKEA tomorrow or next week.. When is daylight saving.. I wanna buy a new pair of unpainful shoes.. Undies are getting loose, need new ones that won’t show VPL under tight pants.. Face looks really old, should use a mask soon.. Better not forget to call mom tomorrow.. Stop thinking already, nub.. Zzz.

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