Counting My Blessings

Just finished reading a friend’s blog, which is filled with despair and sadness. It is in my nature that I would feel tormented because someone near me is unhappy. I thought I had problems, but seems that there are many more people who are going through so much more difficulty than I am.

Of course, I can always cynically look at one aspect of my life: no school would employ me because I’m not a permanent resident, earning a salary which is way lower than my colleagues, having to walk and use public transport all around Sydney because I cannot afford a car, having a roommate from hell who is the dirtiest girl I’ve ever seen in my life, not being able to buy food that I like because I can only afford second-grade goods, still trying to look out for second-hand clothes from friends who are too rich to own old clothes…

I suppose that list goes on and on. But there’s also something in my mind which always remind me to count my blessings, and perhaps I could look at my life this way: self-employed and at least having a job where my students adore me, being able to explore Sydney through walking and discover many pretty spots, being able to buy enough food to survive, having friends who are ready to give out clothes, having family and friends who are constantly supportive and caring.

All it comes down to is  to be able to see the world from another side, since there always will be another side. I thank God for everything I own and do not own, He has planned everything for me, and whatever will be, will be.

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