Wake up already

I regretted that I decided to have one last read at my Facebook updates and hence saw your latest note.

In your latest whinging spree you decided to have a go at the people around you, saying that you “have no friends” and people “couldn’t be bothered” when you call them up. This sickens me.

If you’ve only put yourself in our shoes, then you’d understand why you got silent treatment from all who are around you. You never call u me unless you need help, you’d never contact me unless there’s something you need me to do for you. For the past few months you’ve been asking for my university notes and tons of favours regarding your residency application, and at the same time bragging how you have tons of people working in the Immigration Department, all ready to fast-forward your application.

Of course, you’ve changed. You used to be the most stuck up girl I’ve ever known, one of the 1st things you said to me was “10 out of 10 guys who looked at me would fall in love with me”. FYI, that is not something you should ever say out loud, girlfriend.

You think that everyone should scurry around you, doing your bidding whenever you require it. Well let me tell you, that ain’t gonna happen. You’ve been living a luxurious life where your rich parents provide everything you need and everything you want, in which I pity you for: You don’t know what it means to really be broke with no money and no chance to even get further education because of being poor.

It disgusts me that you complained that you have no friends when you needed one. I have to say that it’s all your own doing. I couldn’t even bring myself to chat to you when I saw you during graduation. What’s there to say? You never called anyone unless you needed help/favours/company/advice/a slave to help you to whatever crap you wanted doing.

So wake up already. You say that you are hurting and you are getting stronger. Please grow up, wake up, there’s more people going thru tougher stuff than you and they don’t complain or whinge about it. They don’t put emo crap on their MSN all the time, whinging that they are “hurting”, “no one loves me”, “sad sad sad”.

Well of course you wouldn’t know about all this. You said that you were hit with an epiphany and it made you all grown up. I guess you have much more waking up to do if you think that everyone is abandoning you and you are the victim. Everything happens for a cause, and in this case, the cause of all your misery is yourself.

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