What am I to do?

Ok right. So I wake up @ 7.20am in the morning, you are already awake. You are right in front your computer, checking out your trades in the game. Still in pajamas, didn’t brush your teeth, didn’t eat breakfast, didn’t do shit. Ok.

I leave for work @ 8.20am. You are still glued to the game. You tell me that you’ll be leaving for uni soon, ok fine, I have no time to check on you and you ain’t my son anyway.

I come home @ 1pm, taking a break before I go out working again. You are still stuck on your computer, still wearing your pajamas. I took a shower, ate my lunch, left @ 2.25pm for work-part-2.

Finally reach home @ 7pm. Where are you? Of course, right in front of your computer, gaming, still in your pajamas. I ask about uni, you said your lecturer cancelled. Ok right. Did you shower? No. Did you eat? No. Did you do freaking anything else? NO.

11.30pm, I tell you I’m going to bed after a long long long day of work work work work, you ask me to give you a few minutes so that you can finish the game off. Right. I hop onto bed reading a mag before sleep, and when I doze off @ 12am, you are, like you said “still closing down the game”.

This is really too much for me to handle. The problem is, everytime I confront you about it, you are so defensive it’s like I’m accussing you of something dreadful while you were trying to save the world or something. We get into an argument which always ends up me crying.

All I want is a reliable man. Someone who’s serious about life and serious about improving. Someone who can freakin take care of me, and not the other way round. People ask me what you do, and they always end up asking “Oh, so you are supporting him?”. I said no, I always said no, what else is there to say, that I’m in a relationship with a person who cares more about his game than his life? No. My answer would simply always be NO, even if I’m lying to the world and lying to myself.

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